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The kitchen industry is awash with a variety of different worktops, almost as many materials as you can choose colours. This can be incredibly confusing when you are looking for a new kitchen, with everyone having their own favourite material. At Silver Tree Kitchens we believe in giving impartial advice, so read on for the definitive guide to kitchen worktops.



We are often asked the question “How good are laminate worktops”?. The short answer is, like most things, it depends on how much you are prepared to pay for your new countertops. Laminate worktops can vary in price by a fairly large amount and there are good reasons why.

High pressure decorative laminate is manufactured by soaking layers of core and decorative paper in resins, then subjecting these layers to high pressure and heat which fuses them into a single layer. You may be surprised to  READ MORE

Granite Quartz Marble


Granite is the surface that offers the buyer a classic sheen look and as it is sourced via natural means it is the preferred option of a huge number of buyers looking for a more unique finish

It is a hard surface measuring 6 on the MOH’s hardness scale however, granite being an igneous rock  READ MORE


Quartz surfaces are the fastest growing sector in the worktops market worldwide.

Identifiable under a number of titles such as Luxore, Silestone, Zodiac, Caesarstone, Arenastone, Apollo and Prestige Quartz, they have one important thing in common – they could all conceivably be titled under the name Bretonstones as they are all manufactured on a Breton Machine, the product of an Italian  READ MORE


Moving a large piece of marble is not as simple as loading it onto a truck bed and hauling it away. Each piece must be treated with care to protect it from the bumps and falls that may incur during transport. Large trailer containers are usually packed with raw rock, and gaps in the corners and borders of the container are fitted with molded rubber foam. This locks the marble slabs in place and prevents them from moving and smashing into each other while on the road. READ MORE



Launched in 2012 by Dutch worktop supplier Jetstone, ceramic worktops are increasingly becoming the worktop material of choice for discerning customers looking for something a little bit different to granite & quartz.

Available in an endless & ever growing choice of colours and finishes, ceramic also offer the benefit of being available in a wide range of floor tile modules for a fully coordinated design.

Being completely non porous, ceramic is READ MORE

CorianWT Dekton


Before discussing the pros & cons of Corian worktops, it’s worth explaining what it is.

Corian is perhaps the most well known brand of solid surface worktop on the market. Solid surface is made by mixing acrylic resin with bauxite filler & pigments to form a sheet of solid surface material. This sheet is then bonded onto a timber substrate to form a solid surface worktop . READ MORE


Dekton is a new surfacing material with the features we have all been asking for in a countertop:

    Super resistant to extreme changes of temperature  - It resists, ice, thawing, fire and heat and will not crack due to thermal shock

    Super dense - It has zero water  READ MORE

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