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Functionality and design, clean aesthetics and technical performance

Icon has been created using solutions of great technical value and strong visual impact, finishing elements capable of modifying the sense of comfort and giving the kitchen an interpretation which is not only aesthetic, but also tactile.

Icon boasts technical excellence and impressive visual impact

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso

“The guidelines for the Icon Project were functionality and design, clean aesthetics and technical performance. A concept of the kitchen as far from lacking in personality, a space for minimalist design yet with great charm marked by the expressive simplicity and emotional force needed to meet the various user expectations. I like to think I succeed in satisfying everyone who loves rationality and functionality READ MORE

Giuseppe Bavuso

Technical solutions:

-AIR DOOR – A ventilation filter is fitted into the edge of the door (bottom edge for base cabinets, top edge for wall cabinets) and a group of holes in the inner door panel means that clean air can enter the interior of the cupboard. The performance of these doors is actually superior when close to heat sources or areas of variable air pressure (like the hood), because the exchange of air in the cabinet is increased. This ensures optimal food storage conditions. Meanwhile, a sealed perimeter keeps out dust and dirt.

-FLEX cabinet – wall cabinet with exclusive light-weight, controlled and convenient opening and closing system. The opening mechanism involves an initial  READ MORE

Ernestomeda Icon

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