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Before discussing the pros & cons of Corian worktops, it’s worth explaining what it is.

Corian is perhaps the most well known brand of solid surface worktop on the market. Solid surface is made by mixing acrylic resin with bauxite filler & pigments to form a sheet of solid surface material. This sheet is then bonded onto a timber substrate to form a solid surface worktop.

This is how Corian worktops and the majority of the other brands of solid surface worktops on the market are made. Other brands of solid surface available include Encore, Maia & Getacore.

Not all solid surface worktops however have a timber substrate. Some brands of solid surface, such as Mistral & Minerva, are made from 100% solid surface material & contain no timber. This is actually a major advantage, as there is no risk of the worktop becoming damaged by water ingress.


The absence of visible joints & the option of having a matching Corian sink, creates a completely seamless look.

Being non porous, Corian worktops are highly resistant to staining.

No other worktop material offers the design flexibility of Corian, it can be moulded into practically any shape imaginable.

If you chip or scratch Corian worktops, you can simply sand out the marks. This can’t be done with Granite or Quartz.

There are many less expensive brands of solid surface on the market that claim to be exactly the same as Corian. However, Corian is the original brand of solid surface & regarded by many as still the best.

Corian worktops are available in a choice of over 100 colours.


Although the manufacturers of Corian & other brands of solid surface worktops claim they’re scratch proof, in reality they’re much more susceptible to scratching than Granite or Quartz.

Although Corian worktops are heat resistant, they’re no where near as heat resistant as Granite or Quartz. Corian is made from acrylic, which, at the end of the day, is a posh type of plastic. In reality, plastic will never be as heat resistant as stone.

Corian is probably the most expensive brand of solid surface on the market. There are many other brands of solid surface available such as Maia, Mistral, Getacore & Encore that claim to be just as good as Corian, but less expensive. To give you an idea of how they compare in price,  if you needed say 6 linear metres of worktop (which is typical for a medium sized kitchen), The less expensive brands of solid surface would cost around £1,750 – £2,250 compared to Corian which would cost around £3,500. If you’re curious to know how this compares to granite or quartz, the same amount in stone would cost around £2,500 – £3,500. (These prices are just an example. Prices will fluctuate)

As stated earlier, Corian, like the majority of the other brands of solid surface worktops available, contains a timber substrate. The risk with this is that if water gets into one of the joints, it can cause the timber substrate to expand & damage the worktop. This is made worse by the fact that most solid surface worktop guarantees, will not cover damage caused by water ingress.

The other problem with solid surface is inconsistency of shades between worktops. often when solid surface worktops are delivered, there can be major differences in the shades. However, this is extremely rare with Corian & more of a problem with cheaper alternatives to Corian.

At the end of the day acrylic is plastic. This is why a lot of people refuse to spend £1,000’s on worktops that are effectively plastic.

Although Corian has it’s disadvantages, if you follow the same care instructions that applies to all types of worktops, it should look as good as the day you bought it for many years. So, remember to place any hot objects like pans on trivets rather than directly on the worktops. Also, try not to cut directly on the worktop, use a chopping board instead. Remember, although all the manufacturers say their solid surface is scratch proof, in reality none of them are.

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